Nothing transforms a backyard like a swimming pool! Our retail showroom contains a wide variety of top-quality pool chemicals, equipment, supplies, parts and accessories for your every need.

We want to make taking care of your water as easy as possible: bring in a sample for a free water analysis, and together, we’ll come up with an individualized approach to keeping your water clear, silky and smooth.


  • Free Water Testing

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenance


  • Vacation Watch

  • And much, much more!



Not all chemicals are created equal! Chemicals found at big box stores contain high percentages of fillers and binders to keep the price down. These lower quality chemicals can damage your liner. They can also cause unsightly stains, excessive foaming and cloudy water. We only stock our shelves with the highest quality chemicals available. These products are effective, reliable, and reputable brands we use in our own pools; so if you want water that looks crystal clear and keeps friends and family free from danger use what we use.


We’ve tried them all! The best: Dolphin Series by Maytronics. Their state-of-the-art technology leads the pool world as the most eco- and user-friendly cleaner on the market. Other benefits include: Industry Leader, Cost-Effective, Improved Filtration, Less Chemicals, Dual-Drive Motors, Advanced Brushing, Swivel Cable, Weekly Timer, Cleans Floor, Wall, Cove & Waterline.