At age 18, I joined the United States Army and spent the next four years developing skills that would help me throughout my professional career as a pool and spa businessman. I have now been in the pool and spa field for over two decades and have worked for four other companies that specialize in this arena.

I’ve done it all from deliveries, design, and construction to service and maintenance; and being in sales all these years, I have seen great customer service and I have seen horrendous customer service. Almost always, bad customer service is 100% avoidable and will haunt a business forever. I know my customers and take pride in providing them the customer service I’d want to receive; it’s not rocket science! Successful service relies on knowledge, communication, doing what you say you’re going to do and following up.

1. KNOWLEDGE:  Knowledge of your product is king. You must know more than your customer and your competition. This is achieved through constantly learning about new products and old products and knowing their application.

2. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO:  Be there when you say you’re going to be there, and if something arises, communicate with your customer; never leave your customer hanging.

3. FOLLOW UP: Call your customer to make sure they’re satisfied with the service they received. This helps you monitor your employees to make sure standards are being met as well as answering any questions the customer may have for you. This also provides an opportunity for you to talk with your customer about their pool or spa and future needs they may want to consider.

All in all, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my experiences in this field and the military, and I have opened my own backyard store, TSUNAMI JIMS POOL AND SPA in Liberty Township, Ohio. Our team is dedicated to customer service and maintaining a relationship with our community.

We promise to help you stay on top of small problems before they become big problems; be available to you to answer any questions you have; and do everything we need to do in order to run a successful business that our customer wants to visit. We don’t want an unhappy customer or a bad review so we do our best to make and keep you happy!