Traeger grills are smokers that cook with convection heat and are powered by electricity. The pellets are the grill’s source of heat as well as flavor. They are made from 100% pure wood and 99% of them burn off while cooking. Simply fill the hopper with pellets, set your desired temperature, and let your Traeger do the rest. Their signature barrel shape creates a vortex of convection which circulates hot, smoky air around the cooking chamber, surrounding your food with heat and cooking it evenly on all sides. This indirect cooking method prepares food in a way that reduces fat and harmful carcinogens. This is why Traeger Grills are the healthier, safer, and tastier alternative to a gas or charcoal grill.



The grill is turned on by flipping the switch to the thermostat. This powers the igniter rod, auger motor, and draft induction fan. When the igniter rod is activated, the auger begins to feed pellets into the firepot and the draft induction fan feeds air into the firepot. The igniter rod glows red hot for the first few minutes of operation – just long enough to light the pellets. Based on the temperature you’ve set, the auger will continue to feed pellets to maintain the temperature while the draft induction fan circulates the heat and smoke around the cooking chamber. This effective system of heat distribution ensures your food is cooked evenly so no rotisserie is needed.